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Forestry and REDD


Services include deforestation modeling, PDD writing, project validation and verification, project implementation, monetization and sales of carbon credits (REDD, Afforestation, and Reforestation)

  • First commercial forestry plantation with native species to receive VCS and CCB Gold Credits anywhere in the World.
  • Fully matured set of commercial REDD projects under the VCS and CCB.
  • Track record with both VCS and CCB validations.
  • Forward sales of VCS credit under LULUCF.
  • Deforestation modelling and baseline estimation.
  • PDD writing under VCS and CCB.
  • Project implementation and protected area management through establishment of private reserves.
  • Active projects in Peru and Brazil.
  • LANDSAT Image Showing Extensive Deforestation in the Amazon of Brazil

  • Nursery for native species in Peru.

Two REDD projects in the Brazilian Amazon (Word Document)

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Forests are the soul of nature, storing carbon dioxide, recycling water, and providing habitats for biodiversity.