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Carbon Trading


ES has substantial experience in developing, sourcing, and commercializing carbon assets, with clients throughout the world. Past experience includes transactions with CERs, VCUs, and t-CERs. Contracting structures include spot and forward sales with both fixed and variable prices.

ES LLC sources its emissions reductions from its projects, but also helps project developers sell their credits in the international markets.

  • CERs, for regulated market (ETS).
  • VCUs under the VCS.
  • Experience developing CCB “Gold” ERs.
  • Substantial client base at the generation and end buyer levels.
  • The North American Carbon Exchange (Nocarbex) is a fully-owned subsidiary of ES, LLC. Nocarbex is a forest carbon aggregator that generates carbon dioxide offsets through the planting of individual tree in North America
  • Carbon Dioxide Offsets are the most cost-effective way to combat global warming.

  • The North American Carbon Exchange


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