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Advisory Services


ES provides advice to governments and corporations interested in introducing best environmental practices, with emphasis in the extraction industries. We also provide advice to projects dealing with biodiversity conservation and non-profit development. ES has provided advisory services to private and multilateral institutions seeking to reduce their environmental footprints, comply with regulatory requirements, and generate positive environmental returns. Experience with biodiversity offsets and impact reduction and mitigation.

  • Biodiversity offsets.
  • Consulting services for sound environmental management.
  • Carbon footprints and carbon-neutral services.
  • Financial structuring for environmental projects.

Some examples of our current projects include:

  • Deforestation Assessment of Hydrocarbon Activities in the Peruvian Amazon

    Comparative impact assessment of the deforestation effects (“footprint”) generated from hydrocarbon oil extraction compared with other economic activities in the Peruvian Amazon (illegal mining, small-scale agriculture and cattle ranching). Our experts follow international accepted guidelines and the latest software to conduct state of the art land-use and land-cover change analysis that allows our client to better understand the impacts of his extractive activities.

  • Environmental Monitoring Evaluation of a New 400 MW Hydroelectric Power Plant in Peru

    As a local partner of an international firm, we conduct quarterly field visits and documentation review to assess the compliance of a 400 MW power plant against Peruvian environmental regulations.

    Out experts conduct thorough reviews of the client’s environmental management plans and conduct on-site inspections to assure all guidelines are being followed, providing feedback to continue improving these already stringent activities on environmental protection.

  • Recent Consultancy Services in Biodiversity and Project Evaluation

    • Development of a major new biodiversity initiative for a multi-lateral Bank,
    • Development of the Monitoring and Evaluation plan of a new biodiversity strategy for a major bilateral agency,
    • GEF project evaluations in Nepal, Mauritius, Dominican Republic, and Russia,
    • New wetlands conservation project design in China
  • Extractive Industries Struggle to Access Resources in Sound Environmental and Social Manners

  • ES helps reduce carbon and environmental footprints of companies


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