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Forestry, Carbon, and Renewable Energy Company

Ecosystem Services LLC is forestry, renewable energy, and Natural Resources Company specialized in the generation of internationally marketable environmental services. ES LLC was founded by leaders in the environmental field that share the belief that long-term conservation of the environment and unprecedented profits for investors are possible through sustainable ecosystem management, renewable energy development, and carbon markets.

Our vision is for the planet and its biodiversity to be conserved through the generation of financial returns for investors and the provision of development opportunities for people.

Our company aims at developing and marketing ecosystem services with emphasis on carbon dioxide offsets, forest conservation, and corporations to achieve sustainable development, with a main focus in Latin America.

Our principles are based on ethical investment, social justice, gender equality, environmental conservation, and sustainable development.


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Ecosystem Services LLC

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Forests are the soul of nature, storing carbon dioxide, recycling water, and providing habitats for biodiversity.